Apply now for the Oregon-based Advanced Farmer Training Program

OK, so you’ve been working on farms for a couple of years – now what? That’s the dilemma a lot of beginning farmers face, and it’s one that the folks at Rogue Farm Corps (RFC) are working to address.  Read More  Read More

Find Capital and Credit Resources on

One of NYFC’s main goals is to be a go-to resource for you, the farmer (or aspiring farmer!).  We do our best to connect you to the information that you need with clear explanations and an easy-to-use website.   Two information portals that the web site has to offer are our list of training opportunities (broken down state by state, as well as national programs), and land and jobs directories, whether you’re looking... Read More

Positions are Still Available for Michigan State’s Farmer Training Program

Only two slots remaining for the 2013 cohort of the Organic Farmer Training Program at the Michigan State University Student Organic Farm! The Organic Farmer Training Program offers nine months of intensive instruction in year-round organic farming.  The program focuses on diversified production of vegetables, livestock, flowers, fruits and herbs for local markets.  Participants manage all aspects of a 14.5-acre certified organic farm, including... Read More

The Farm Bill’s Real Impact – BFRDP Helps Train the Next Generation

My name is Sophie Ackoff, I have been an apprentice at Glynwood Farm.  Like so many other beginning farmers today, I don’t come from a farming family and I have no land or agricultural skills to inherit from my parents.  I believe that the government needs to support beginning farmers and shouldn’t short-change farmer training programs.  Please act now to send that message to Congress. I grew up in suburban Southern California, a region... Read More

The Seed Farm Grows New Farmers

My visit to The Seed Farm presented a hopeful vision on an otherwise gray day. It drizzled intermittently on my drive to and from the farm site in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley, but the rain held off just long enough to walk around and chat with the Executive Director, Sara Runkel. The Seed Farm is an incubator farm; more and more educational farms seem to be popping up that follow this model, pioneered by organizations such as the Intervale Center... Read More

Education Opportunities Abound: Go West Young Farmer!

It seems like everywhere you turn, new programs are cropping up around the nation to support and educate young farmers eager to get their hands in the dirt. The Northwest is no exception, and within the past year has ushered in several unique and innovative programs that help prepare young farmers for the realities of farming.While it may be true that the best way to learn how to farm is to just do it, the best training programs weave hands-in-the-dirt... Read More