Bootstrap @ Hartwood – Finding Time to Make Changes

The crops are mostly out of the ground, the fields and yard are picked up for winter, and our off-season project list has grown to seemingly impossible lengths.  We don’t want to praise anything too much though—last month’s blog where we celebrated our equipment making it through the season may have jinxed us.  Two days after writing that, our tractor engine blew, requiring complete rebuilding, including machining.  It was a tortuous... Read More

Bootstrap @ City Grown Seattle – W­hat I Am Learning: Running a Business

  We want to farm because we love it.  We are somehow energized by the work even though it is physically and mentally demanding.  There is something in our nature that is instinctually drawn to planting, tending, and harvesting.  But we also want to farm to make our living.  We don’t get paid by the hour – our earnings are a direct measure of the fruits of our labors, in the most literal possible way.  Last winter, the three of us had no... Read More

Bootstrap @ City Grown Seattle – What I Am Learning: Changing With the Seasons

With our really small land area (1/4 acre total, spread among eight plots), we are able to grow enough produce to supply our two weekly markets, but just barely.  This leads to a different type of harvest procedure than I remember from the farms I interned on.  On a City Grown harvest day, we go out and get everything that’s ready.   We generally keep the plants very well harvested, because we have to in order to have enough to sell! There... Read More

Registration Deadline Approaching for HMI training in Oklahoma

For those in the Oklahoma area, Holistic Management International (HMI) is offering this two day workshop on the Holistic Management® Whole Farm/Ranch Planning System.  HMI describes the system as one that will help farmers, ranchers and land stewards better manage agricultural resources in order to reap sustainable environmental, economic, and social benefits. Participants will learn how this “triple bottom line” of benefits can be... Read More