You did it! Farmer training + land access win in Farm Bill

Rep. Peterson, the House Ag Committee ranking member, calls for the bill’s passage. Our coalition was founded in 2010 in large part to help ensure that our needs as new, young and sustainable farmers are represented in public policy. And today, although we’re not happy with all aspects of the new farm bill, we are proud to say that many of the challenges that we face in starting new farm businesses – access to capital, land and training... Read More

NYFC October Newsletter: Jobs, Forum Experts, Farm Hack, Food Safety Action

  This has been an incredible month for our coalition. We took a stand on affordable land access in the NY Times, we are working together to change new food safety rules that threaten our farms and Farm Hack is now its own organization! We’re gathering this weekend for Farm Hack Colorado and are gearing up to prep you for next season with job postings and events.  From top to bottom, this newsletter will catch you up on a busy... Read More

NYFC to represent young farmers on multi-stakeholder group on water in the West

Horseshoe Bend on the Colorado River, a classic image of the lifeline to agriculture in the West.Image by Jim Fowler – © 2013 Open up your fridge and chances are you’ll find some of the Colorado River. Whether you’re in Florida, Wisconsin or California, or any state in between, you most likely rely on the Colorado River for part of your daily grub. Over 15% of our nation’s fruits and vegetables, much of our meat and the majority... Read More

Farmers & Consumers join together to support healthy water resources

Last month NYFC launched the Colorado River & Western Water Pledge, an opportunity for farmers and consumers to join together to help ensure healthy water resources now and into the future. It is no question that we face significant threats to our fresh water in the west. Dwindling surface water supply matched with increasing demand, groundwater depletion and extended drought are making us ask the question: Is this the new normal? Historically,... Read More

Mayors, farmers across the west stand together for Colorado River Day

Brad Webb, farmer and owner of Mesa Park Vineyards, Palisade, CO “Essentially if we didn’t have this river and this water, we wouldn’t have agriculture in this state [of Colorado],” says Brad Webb, a local farmer and business owner of Mesa Park Vineyards in western Colorado. Brad spoke on behalf of beginning farmers for Colorado River Day in Grand Junction, one of five events held yesterday across the west. July 25th marked... Read More

When policy puts water back into streams & farms, the benefits are tangible

Farm intern Helen at Thistle Whistle Farms in Hotchkiss, CO. Thistle Whistle uses high-efficiency irrigation technology on their diversified operation Farming is one of the most tangible professions there is. The product of a farmer’s labor is apparent at the end of every work day, with ripening tomatoes on the vine or gallons of milk in the fridge. Policy, on the other hand, is often the opposite: a handful of law makers gathering in an air conditioned... Read More

Farming and water in the West: An Intro

You may be noticing our posts on water issues, or our recent Op-Ed on Colorado farmers and water conservation, and perhaps are wondering why NYFC is diving into western water. As the first of many blog posts on this topic, the following paragraphs offer some background. In most of the U.S., water is relatively abundant. Many states enjoy an average precipitation of 50 or even up to 100 inches annually. Here in the Colorado River basin—where NYFC... Read More

Young Farmers in the House at NSAC winter strategy meeting

Maya Wiley of CSI addresses the NSAC winter meeting. Photo courtesy of NSAC. Last month, the Young Farmers’ Coalition took part in the semi-annual planning meeting of the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition (NSAC).  NYFC is a member group of NSAC, which advocates nationally for agricultural reform and also coordinates the advocacy efforts of nearly 100 member organizations. The winter meeting – this most recent one held in Haines City,... Read More

How Important is the Farm Bill? The USDA Responds

As we all know, Congress is working to put together a new Farm Bill to replace the last five-year bill that expired earlier this fall.  A lot of farmers have been up in arms to make sure that the new bill is as good as (or better than!) the old, but a lot of folks too have expressed a lack of concern – after all, how important is the Farm Bill? Well, the USDA just published a call-out for input on the bill (see details at the end of the post)... Read More

Latest Development on the Farm Bill – We Need to Mobilize Now!

Some bad news came in from Washington yesterday, but there’s a silver lining… The Senate voted 67-31 to proceed with a vote to pass the 6-month Continuing Resolution that the House passed last week, extending 2012 funding levels until March 27, 2013.  The actual vote will take place in the next few days and is expected to pass. Why is this bad news?  Well, it hurts a lot of the conservation programs that we think are beneficial to American... Read More

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