Rogue Farm Corps Recruits Aspiring Farmers for their Hands-on Education and Mentoring Programs

Farming is a tough business, and beginning farmers need hands-on experience and mentoring before they can successfully take on a commercial operation. Finding that experience and mentoring can be a significant challenge, and it’s at the heart of why Rogue Farm Corps (RFC) was created. The Oregon-based nonprofit was founded in 2003 by first generation organic farmers in their twenties and thirties who themselves had been mentored and considered it... Read More

Find Capital and Credit Resources on

One of NYFC’s main goals is to be a go-to resource for you, the farmer (or aspiring farmer!).  We do our best to connect you to the information that you need with clear explanations and an easy-to-use website.   Two information portals that the web site has to offer are our list of training opportunities (broken down state by state, as well as national programs), and land and jobs directories, whether you’re looking... Read More

Don’t Miss “How Much to Pay the Apprentice” Tonight!

REMINDER:”How Much to Pay the Apprentice,” a Google Hangout discussion on farm internships and the law, is today at 6 PM Eastern.  Tune in live, or check back in when you’ve got the time (the video will be up permanently!) here: How Much to Pay the Apprentice. See below for more details. ———- We are excited to announce an upcoming webinar/discussion on apprenticeships, employers and the law. In our 2010 report,... Read More

Beginning Farmer Gathering at 2012 Biodynamics Conference

This month, the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association hosted a special pre-conference gathering for apprentices and beginning farmers at the organization’s biennial conference.  This year, the conference was held at Monona Terrace in Madison, Wisconsin from November 14 through 18. About 25 young and beginning farmers attended the apprentice meeting, some of whom are members of the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship program, while... Read More

Apprentice Gathering at 2012 Biodynamic Conference

Next month, the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association will host an inaugural special event for farm apprentices.  The gathering will take place in conjunction with their biennial Biodynamic Conference, held this year in Madison, Wisconsin from November 14th through the 18th. Topics of discussion during the pre-conference meeting will focus on the roles and education of young and beginning farmers, and provide an introduction to the North... Read More

Veterans Agriculture Project Creates an Agricultural Legacy in Kentucky

At the intersection of Ridgewood and Pauline in Berea, Kentucky, three military veterans assemble raised beds and blend a potting mix for their most recent community garden project. Meanwhile, in a nearby kitchen, others use yesterday’s harvest to cook the community lunch and preserve bushels of tomatoes for winter nourishment. These urban gardeners are members of The Veterans Nutritional Program, one half of the Veterans Agriculture Project supported... Read More

Washington State Takes Legislative Steps to Legalize Farm Internships

Washington State has become the first state in the country to take legislative steps towards legalizing agricultural internships. The Small Farm Internship Bill completed a very small two year pilot program in just two counties and is now working its way through the house and senate once again as an extended 5 year program in 14 counties. On February 11th, the Small Farm Internship Bill (SB 6392) came up for a vote in the Senate and passed 47 to... Read More

Apprenticeships- The high price for low cost labor

By Rachel Armstrong If a farmer wants to pay less than minimum wage to an apprentice, she has to apply for a special certificate. One look at the requirements to receive the certificate and most farmers will close the book on apprenticeships. The new agriculture–local, organic, urban, or whatever your flavor–might not be right for this employment alternative yet. What’s the problem? A farmer decides to check the law on apprenticeships.... Read More

The Farmer’s Apprentice

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), an apprentice does not have to be paid the minimum wage. But an apprenticeship must be registered–and the paperwork is abundant. On the plus side, the FLSA also defines the exact expectations for the farmer and apprentice.  The benefits of being within the law, and of having clear communication, might be worth the tradeoff. What is the problem? Farmer Joe has a young farm business. It’s not especially... Read More