Farm Hack @ Intervale / Essex:

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Day 1.   Saturday, April 28, 2012

9 am. Welcome to Intervale- Intervale staff

Buffet Breakfast

9.15 am Welcome to Farmhack

9.30am  Moderated proposal open space, break into groups for design charette

Design Charette in Barn at intervale

12.20 lunch with high mowing SEED SWAP

1.30om Projector lessons, moderated by Rob Rock.

3.00pm Walk over to the INtervale workshop area

4.00 pm walk back to the Barn, fresh air, apple break.

4.15 pm  short project presentations

5pm catch last ferry over to ESSEX SIDE

6pm Nice big dinner in the Grange Hall with SPIT ROASTED ANIMAL ON the spit made by Courtney 

*the grange will be showing a film at 8pm if interest.

7pm Bon fire on the hill with beer

10 pm sleep in the barn at BLACK KETTLE.

Day 2.  Sunday, April 29, 2012

7.30 am Morning coffee ! either at the school or at the dogwood.

Morning Tour of Essex farm.

Lunch at the Whallonsburg Grange.

discussion about the presentations yesterday, follow up, group work

1.30 pm SHOP TALK

Afternoon talk on micro-hydro/ pedal power 

2.00 pm  alternative afternoon activity

soap making at the grange 

Those who need to sleep. sleep, those who need to leave, leave.
Black kettle sleepover