Farm Hack NYC:

Visit the event forum to find out what happened at the event, and to get involved.

Farm Hack NYC Audio podcasts:

  • Farm Hack NYC Day 1 – GrowNYC (Lenny Librizzi)

  • Farm Hack NYC Day 1 – NYC Waterways

  • Farm Hack NYC Day 1 – ProjectEATS (Jae)

  • Farm Hack NYC Day 1 – Brooklyn Grange (Ben and Michael)

  • Farm Hack NYC Day 2 – OurGoods

  • Farm Hack NYC Day 2 – OurGoods part 2

  • Farm Hack NYC Day 2 – 596 Acres

  • Farm Hack NYC Day 2 = River Park Farms (Zach Pickens)



    • Human Power and Alternative Energies
    • Urban and Solar Composting
    • Rainwater Harvest
    • Innovative Solutions for Land Access
    • Urban Nursery Production
    • Materials Reclamation and Repurposing 


      You can find out what happens at the event through the Farm Hack NYC forum and the Farm Hack blog.  




    9 am: Coffee and Introductions @ DB CO-OP  (195B N 14th St. Brooklyn NY 11211)

    9:30 am: FarmHack intentions and design process

    10 am: Tour of DB CO-OP

    11 am: Head to Gowanus Canal Conservancy  – Take G train or cycle (166 7th St, b/w 2nd and 3rd aves)

    12 pm: Tour of Gowanus Canal Conservancy

                Presentation: Urban Composting and Nursery Production

                Hans Hesselein and Erik Martig (of GCC)

    1 pm: Walk to Gowanus Studio Space (NEW LOCATION DUE TO SANDY); eat lunch  (166 7th Street  Brooklyn, NY 11215)

    2 pm: Presentations: NYC Waterways and Rainwater Harvesting; Reclamation of materials for garden infrastructure; Land Access and Community Education

                NYC Water (Willis Elkins)

                GrowNYC Rainwater Harvesting (Lenny Librizzi)

                BIG Blooms (Ellis Isenberg)

                Project EATS (Jae Lee)

    4 pm: Catch G train or cycle to Brooklyn Grange (37-18 Northern Boulevard  New York, NY 11101)

                Presentations: Urban (and solar) Composting; Nomadic Farm creation5 pm: Tour of Brooklyn Grange

                RiverPark Farm (Zach Pickens)

    6 pm: Dinner on roof @ Brooklyn Grange


    9:30 am: Coffee and reintroductions @ 3rd Ward (195 Morgan Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11237)

    10 am: Presentation by OurGoods

    10:30 am: Presentation by 596 Acres (NYC Vacant Land Mapping Project)

    11:00 am: Introduction to Design Collaboration – Leonora Zoninsein & Liam Turkle 

    11:15 am: Break into groups for Design Open Space   (explanation of Open Space discussion format)

    1 pm: Break for lunch!

    2 pm: Design Open Space continues

    4 pm: Report back and Next Steps


    FMI/PRESS: Contact Farm Hack Coordinator,