There is no training program that can give a farmer all of the answers.  In agriculture we are faced with changes upon changes every day, as the seasons progress, the weather surprises, the insects arrive and depart, the cows get out, or the tractor– for once– runs fine all morning.

None of us has all of the answers, but most of us have a few of them. The more of these that we can share with one another, the better off we all are.  The National Young Farmers’ Coalition favors peer-to-peer practical training, both locally and across geographical boundaries. We seek to facilitate information sharing, to co-generate new ideas
and solutions to common problems, and to coordinate on-farm research that can move us all forward.

Some of us learned our craft on our families’ farms;  others apprenticed in multiple states or countries;  others are just getting started.  Each of our experiences is unique, and through our coalition we are each able to hone and expand our skill sets thanks to the experiences of our farmer neighbors, be they next door or on a different coast.