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Don’t miss the Hudson Valley Young Farmers Coalition Summer Potluck – all are welcome!

Join us for a CRAFT tour of Hearty Roots Community Farm at 5pm followed by a potluck and raucous game of handball at 6pm.

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Who We Are

We are young and beginning farmers in the Hudson Valley organizing to support each other in starting and sustaining viable agricultural businesses.

Our Mission

We believe in the transformative potential of small business, local agriculture and cooperation to build a durable and prosperous agricultural economy in the Hudson Valley and beyond.

We are coming together to better understand the needs of young and beginning farmers in this region and to address and advocate for those needs.*

We work together on building collaborative infrastructure, mobilizing to shift regional and national farm policy, increasing access to resources (land, grants and loans, healthcare), consolidating information and creating spaces where young farmers from all backgrounds can share, learn and gather.

By building a functional network for resource and information sharing we can all share in the resilient local economy that will support this region for years to come.

We are just beginning to explore the many aspects of regional young farmer organizing, it is a learning experience . Join us and we can learn together.

* “young” and “beginning” are relative terms.  This is not meant to be narrow or exclusive but to address issues affecting this current  generation of first career farmers. If you think this coalition might benefit from your perspective, contact us, it’s almost certainly true.

19 Responses to “Hudson Valley Young Farmers Coalition”
  1. Brian Grubb says:


    I am not sure how to get in contact with the right people. We have an opportunity for a new farmer to get a start without a huge bank account. We are in the organic meat business with direct to consumer marketing.

  2. Natalie says:

    I am looking to pitch a tent on a farm or open land this weekend. Willing to pay if need to. Just a newby to NYC from Michigan, desperately need some fresh air. Does anyone have a farm along the Hudson River Valley?

  3. Ben says:

    To anyone out there already producing market-ready fruits, veggies, meat and other farm products:
    I am starting a locally sourced food distribution business serving restaurants, schools and other wholesale purchasers. I will get you top dollar for your product without you having to leave your farm. I will be operating a small fleet of bio-diesel refrigerated trucks and vans, and sell to some of NYC’s top restaurants. We will also be working closely with all sides to ensure a steady supply of fresh produce to food banks along our routes.
    You can email me at to further discuss.

  4. Richard says:

    We have a farm just outside of Troy. We have a very nice modren apartment for rent in a separate building on the farm. Most of the land is used for hay productions, but there is space for gardening. We are working to keep our farm a viable working farm. there is a lot to discuss, bring some ideas and let\’s discuss.

  5. Gary Martell says:

    This is in regards to Brian Grubbs comment about a possible opportunity for a beginning farmer. I would be very interested in getting in contact with him.

  6. Beth says:

    The Hudson Valley group is the closest to me just being in NY. How do i start a group for more upstate farms? or can I just join yours? I learned about the NYFC at the NOFA NJ winter conference, showcasing our Grindstone Farm root crop washers, and am ecstatic that a lobbying group like this exists. Any networking with fellow NY organic famers would be beneficial, and building bonds and strengthening a coalition in Albany is NEEDED to ensure NY keeps farming.

  7. Young farmers in the Hudson Valley: Hope you’ll join us 2/23/13 for this one-day conference on farming in the Hudson Valley, Berkshire County, and northwest CT. Great speakers, workshops, exhibitors, networking. Jim Slama from is our keynote. More at

  8. n.curtin says:

    its really interesting info….

  9. claudio says:

    we are looking for local farms that can provide a solid and continuos service to a high end new restaurant in NYC we are planning to open the beginning of next year.
    we are interested of local grass fed meats,no hormones nor antibiotics and all sort of local vegetables completely medicines free.
    what we require from you is also a consistent reliable service and competitive pricing.
    if you can get back to us so we can schedule a meeting and eventually a visit to the farms.
    Best regards
    Claudio Marini
    CEO Licenda inc.
    CEO Tre Monelli LLC

  10. 122903 says:

    For Claudio:

    We own 44 acres of beautiful land in the Catskills. We will build all the greenhouses and hothouses you need and provide the soil conditions you need for your operation. You will not need to rely on anyone, just lease the land from us. Easy transport to NYC.

    Write back.


  11. Matt says:


    I’m interested in the leasing arrangement you mentioned. Where exactly are are you located and how do I get in touch with you directly.


  12. Fred says:

    Hello, I’m looking to start a CSA this year. There are about six acres for use. Accommadations are basic, a military tent on a mountain; fitted with a wood-burning stove; rice and beans; a good water filter. Also, I lack experience and knowledge :)

  13. Louise Rose says:

    Hello, I\’m a market manager of small market in Red Hook Village. I\’m looking for a fruit/berry farmer along with other specialty farmers. Please contact me .


  14. Elizabeth E says:

    Hi all. I’m looking to start a small local marketplace in the catskill area/ulster county. I’m still searching for the right storefront, may have found one, but before I go through with signing any lease to rent a space, I’m trying to gather a list of small farms who would be willing, or eager, to work with me. The idea of the marketplace would be to provide local, in season produce, as well as meats, eggs, dairy products, jams, jellies, sauces, honey, syrup etc. Kind of like an indoor farmers market that lasts all year. I think it would be a great thing for the town I’m thinking of. The type of farms I would like to be involved with are small, honest farms. Please don’t contact me if you’re already selling your products to a ton of other businesses or doing several farmers markets. I want this to be an opportunity for people who are just starting out and looking to get their product out there. Even farms that may be run just by a few people or aren’t producing a ton of products but enough to supply year round or seasonally. I hope I am explaining this well. I plan to research some small farms and reach out to them but in the meantime I thought this would be a good place to start. Please get in touch if you may be interested…. Elizabeth Porter
    Thanks everyone!

  15. Chris says:

    Mariaville Farm and the Mariaville Mushroom Men are looking for interns and farm Labor. Mushroom Farm and Livestock farm. Check are listing on for more information.

  16. Don Lewis says:

    Grain Millers Assistant

    Part Time Employment 30 hours weekly

    Learn to operate Stone Milling Machinery and all facets of a Local Grain Grist Milling operation

    Responsibilities include:
    Pack Flour bags
    Prepare outgoing orders
    Mail order
    Maintain inventories
    Must be able to lift 50 lbs.
    Wages according to experience and ability
    Please reply to don@wildhivefarm or address below

    Don Lewis
    Wild Hive Grain Project, Inc.
    2645 Salt Point Turnpike
    Clinton Corners, NY 12514

  17. Michael says:

    Hi, I am looking for someone interested in farming all or part of my 20 acre field in Kerhonkson, NY. Field runs along the Rondout so has available water. Prefer Organic farmer with own equipment. Mike

  18. Hi,

    We are in the process of starting a craft distillery in Beacon, NY. As a byproduct of our operations we will have spent grains available to give to a farmer. The spent grains are high protein and make excellent pig or cattle feed. We will be processing about 2,000# of corn/rye/wheat/barley per week. Ideally, we would find someone who could make a weekly pickup in Beacon. We can pump the slurry into your tank/container.

    Karl Johnson
    Denning’s Point Distillery



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