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The Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI) and Farm Hack have just launched a collaborative Kickstarter campaign for Growing Innovation, a project to create an open source online library of agricultural innovations and a new book documenting sustainable models developed by farmers.

The online library will include a searchable database and interactive maps of farm projects, including detailed plans from blueprints to budgets. The book will feature exemplary farm projects from RAFI’s archive, projects that are highly replicable and adaptable to variety of contexts.

Growing Innovation - rabbit business RAFI’s staff members expect the new online library will be an especially helpful resource for beginning farmers searching for new ideas for sources of agricultural income, as well as transitioning farmers seeking tested models and stories they can relate to. Learn more about Growing Innovation here.


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  1. Perco Yu. says:

    Tillage, sowing, harvesting all that we call farming or agriculture always been a hard work. Nowadays technical innovations lighten this burden but sometimes hit farmers pockets. That’s why before purchasing or upgrading equipment careful calculations and predictions are necessary. Otherwise the business can take off like a shot from a gun remaining with debts but without harvest.

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