FarmHack: More Earthway Seeder mods

Chris from Blue Fox Farm with his gang of six Earthway Seeders. Photo from


One of our favorite FarmHack projects is the cheap and easy Earthway Seeder fix that we posted here.

Josh Volk, of Slow Hand Farm and author of the equipment column in Growing For Market, just posted a great roundup of more Earthway Seeder information and modifications, ranging from ganging together multiple seeders, to adding on a wire scraper to keep soil from building up on the press wheel.

See Josh Volk’s full post here.


2 Responses to “FarmHack: More Earthway Seeder mods”
  1. What would it cost for a gang of 6 like this, to fit a cat 1, John Deere, with 3 pt lift?

  2. Benjamin says:

    It wouldn’t necessarily cost that much (several hundred dollars) but it would probably not work that well. Earthways can sometimes get clogged up– if they were ganged 6 together, behind a tractor, you wouldn’t know if one of the 6 units was clogged so you couldn’t fix it. Planet Jr. seeders are likely a better choice for that application; or spend some more $$ for a seeder like a Sutton or a Seed Spider. Or gang 3 Earthways together, and walk them down the bed once in each direction to get 6 rows.

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