Farmers Taking a Stand Today to Save Local Farms!:

Today is the National Day of Action to Save Local Farms! Across the nation, thousands of activists are standing up against unreasonable food safety rules that threaten the future viability of small and local farms.

Organizers are hosting 70 letter writing events before the FDA’s November 15th comment deadline. In their own words, here is why farmers are taking action:

Hannah Breckbill FSMA pic


“We’re always looking to make sure our food is healthy and safe, and we believe that small farms are part of the solution to healthy, safe food–not part of the problem!” – Hannah Breckbill, Farmer at Humble Hands Harvest and organizer of event in Eyota, MN.


 Alex Bryan FSMA pic


“FSMA has the potential, as written, to derail most everything I’ve spent the last five years of my life working for… Not only will this impact my livelihood and way of life, but it threatens the very nature of regional food sovereignty.” – Alex Bryan, Farmer at Food Field and organizer of event in Lansing, MI.



Emily Best FSMA pic
“These proposed rules stand to change how we farm and run our businesses, so it is imperative that we make time to tell our stories to the FDA. I hope this Day of Action will rally together farmers and consumers to make change with our collective voices!” – Emily Best, Farmer at New Morning Farm and organizer of event in East Berlin, PA



It isn’t too late if you still want to organize.  Click here to learn more about hosting a letter writing party between now and November 5th!

You can also take time today to submit a comment on your own. Click here to learn how.

8 Responses to “Farmers Taking a Stand Today to Save Local Farms!”
  1. Monisha Lundquist says:

    Food is Life!!!!

  2. Monisha Lundquist says:

    Food Is LIfe. Protect food protect life.

  3. Melissa Radloff says:

    Small farmers are going to save our world.
    They allow parents to feed their children HEALTHY food.
    These are the children who will face the challenges our very warped society is leaving them to handle.
    We had better equip them with healthy brains and bodies and souls to meet this challenge.
    Small farmers grow healthy food to feed us.
    Small farm create healthy community to feel our souls.
    Small farms care going to save our world.

    There is NOTHING safe about food coming from an industrial agriculture business.

  4. Tyler Smith says:

    People before profits!

  5. Rebecca says:

    Why are small farmers are such a threat to corporate rule? Because Power to the People means Power to the Farmers.

  6. Jessamine says:

    Passing legislation in the name of food safety that serves to increase the hold of agribusiness on this country hurts us all. Support small business, local economies, and healthy eating by denying these detrimental regulations.

  7. Jim Hyder says:

    I was reared on an 80 acre farm in south Central Idaho. It was my best and worst part of my life. In the 40s we had three teams of horses and raised spuds , little red beans, clover and alfalfa hay.

    We also had 6 cows, a few pigs, and chickens. Back then we got paid for the butterfat. Should be that way now too. I wish all kids could grow up with the values of a small farms and big hearts.

    Small farms are the salvation of many small communities. Factory farms are the death of small towns and and schools. I am prejudice, of course.

  8. Nancy Stinson says:

    Simple-we need honest food grown by honest people-people who care about what goes into the ground-and what grows out of it. Lets support honest food for everyone! Hooray for small farms and farmers!! Even though I am old, (54) I hope to have a small farm sometime in the next few years-after I move out of Texas!!

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