DIY Genetically Modified seeds

Image from CIMMYT

We’re excited to announce that we had a secret Farm Hack – St. Louis event last week, at which young farmers and off-duty GMO scientists put their heads together. After an all-nighter hack-a-thon, we came up with a great new way to create DIY Genetically Modified Seeds on your very own farm, using off-the-shelf materials!

Materials list:

  • one packet of regular seeds
  • one .22 caliber rifle
  • one briefcase full of cash (for lobbying against GMO regulation)
  • some genes from a fish, to help create a flood-tolerant plant.

Next step is to put on a Tyvek suit and click here to follow our detailed instructions.



2 Responses to “DIY Genetically Modified seeds”
  1. Hahaha, you had me until I saw “one .22 caliber rifle”.

  2. Benjamin says:

    The .22 rifle part is not even a joke, as crazy as that sounds. See this article, under “Part 3: trait insertion”:

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