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Colorado’s Water Plan and Basin Roundtables

Colorado Water Conservation Board 

Colorado Natural Resources Conservation Service

How Diversion and Beneficial Use of Water Affect the Value and Measure of a Water Right. Is Use it or Lose it an Absolute? Colorado State University’s Water Institute Special Report. February, 2016.

Colorado Foundation for Water Education — “The mission of the Colorado Foundation for Water Education is to promote better understanding of Colorado’s water resources and issues by providing balanced and accurate information and education.”

  • Colorado Water Information Resources. Colorado Water Trust. This guide includes links to surface water conditions, call lists, GIS maps, and more.
  • Citizen’s Guide to Colorado Water Law. Colorado Foundation for Water Education. “Water is the key to life, but it is a limited resource. Different users including industries, cities, farmers, recreationists, and environmentalists, all compete for Colorado’s water. Population growth, changing needs, and climate change affect the amount of water available. Since demands change, water law must be flexible. Colorado’s water law has evolved with the customs and values of its people.”
  • Citizen’s Guide to Colorado Water Conservation. Colorado Foundation for Water Education. “While water is limited, water demands have the potential to grow. As demand increases, competition for water resources is intensifying, and so is the importance of efficient water use and water-conserving practices.” See pages 23-31 for resources on agricultural water conservation and efficiency.

Colorado Water Institute – CSU

Getches-Wilkinson Center at UC Boulder School of Law: Western Water Policy Program

Colorado Water Center – Mesa University

Interstate Compacts: “Who owns water in rivers? Does it belong to the state where the water originated? What about the states downstream? Who decides who gets how much water?” Learn more with the Colorado Foundation for Water Education.

Agricultural Water Conservation Clearinghouse

Colorado Agricultural Water Alliance (CAWA)

Listing of State’s River Basin Roundtables

Division of Water Resources

Local NYFC chapters