Bootstraps @ Bossy Acres – Introduction:

Elizabeth and Karla, Bossy AcresA unique blend of urban and rural farming, Bossy Acres is based in Minneapolis and run by farm ninja Karla Pankow and her well-meaning partner Elizabeth Millard (who can’t quite plant a straight row yet, but I’m trying!).

We started the farm last year, but this will be our first full season of production, after prepping our two acres of rented land throughout the fall and spring. We’re focusing on organically grown vegetables and herbs, and have a CSA chock full of supportive members who are willing to take the first-season plunge with us. For starting our transplants, we’re renting space at a cooperative greenhouse in St. Paul, where there’s an 85-foot compost pile inside and we mix our soil in a kiddie pool. For the upcoming season, we’re excited to smooth out all the knots that a CSA can bring, and also balance a farmers market and wholesale/restaurant accounts with our member shares.

Karla leans toward permaculture management techniques, so we’ll be playing around with companion planting, attracting native pollinators, using biodiversity, and attempting natural weed and pest control. Come and follow our adventures on Bossy’s season!

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  1. Colleeh says:

    Ah, nothing like an 85-foot compost pile. Way to go, ladies! – Colleen (Urban Farm mag)

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