2012 Bootstrap Blogger Hub

NYFC is working with six amazing farmers from across the country to share their stories as they persevere through their first seasons of managing their own farms.  Read more about each of them below, or browse through all their posts here.  Check back in frequently, as all six will be posting regularly throughout the 2012 season.



Elizabeth and Karla, Bossy Acres

Karla and Elizabeth of Bossy Acres in Minneapolis, MN.  Follow along with them here!


Allyson, Full Heart Farm

Allyson of Full Heart Farm in Southeastern CT.  Follow along with her here!


Leslie and Liberty, The Salad Garden

Liberty and Leslie of The Salad Garden in Ashland, MO.  Follow along with them here!


Matt and Maryellen, Hartwood Farm

Maryellen and Matt of Hartwood Farm in Fenner, NY.  Follow along with them here!


Becky, City Grown Seattle

Becky of City Grown Seattle, in Seattle, WA.  Follow along with her here!


Stowell, Rippling Waters Organic Farm

Stowell of Rippling Waters Organic Farm in Standish, ME.  Follow along with him here!

2 Responses to “2012 Bootstrap Blogger Hub”
  1. M.bell says:

    Hi – how can I find a young farmer who might be interested in a slightly challenging 1/3-1/4 organic acre near Madison, WI…?
    Thank you.

  2. R. Murphy says:

    I know a few people near Madison, WI, including my sister who would most likely be interested or could help you out. Just to confirm, you are looking for someone to work this land? What were your goals for it, if you had any? Or what would you like to achieve? I just know that it is difficult to find a farmer who has the time or resources to work on a small plot such as this… Thanks!

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